Welcome to Football Community

1. We will create 👥10 football groups in the community. We sincerely invite football fans with group operation experience to serve as 👮‍♂️group admin;

2. After joining the group, register users can participate in the 🎉group activities and topic discussions. Advanced users can also be promoted to tipster or get 💎Paid Tips Permission;

3. 🕵️‍♀️Tipsters can post up to 10 subscribe tips per day, and the subscription revenue will be distributed as follow: 50% for author and 15% for admin;

4. 👨‍💼Users who got 💎Paid Tips Permission can post up to 3 paid tips per day, and the revenue generated by viewing will be distributed as follow: 50% for author and 10% for admin;

5. 👮‍♂️The admin is responsible for recruiting tipsters and certified advanced users, and daily management of the group;

6. To encourage admins to run the group, we will provide 💰extra rewards to outstanding ones;

7. Those who are interested in becoming a group admin can contact 📧 

or >>Submit your application here<<


1. Our community is strictly prohibited from posting content that violates local laws;
2. Our community is strictly prohibited from posting any contacts, spams and backlinks.