⚽【Week of Madness!】Post Your Free Tip, Get Money💸

⚽Matches: 27/09 Crystal Palace VS Brighton Hove Albion 

                  28/09 PSG VS Manchester City

                  29/09 Juventus VS Chelsea

                  30/09 Real Sociedad VS Monaco

                  02/10 Manchester United VS Everton

                  03/10 Liverpool VS Manchester City

💸How to Win: Post your Own Article by "Free Tips"! (Our team will check all the Free Tips On these matches)

                       Post your Own Article by "Free Tips"

                       Post your Own Article by "Free Tips"

💸Reward: Excellent Winning Post get 50 Bonus💸 (You can choose 50 Diamonds 💎 if you want)

                  (pick 1-3 Excellent posts per Game) (Reasonable analysis needed, 50 words at least )

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👀Winners will be announced on Oct.5, Good Luck!